Saturday, November 1, 2008


Well here ya go! This was our halloween! We had a good time trick or treating. Ada enjoyed it. She didnt say trick or treat once though. I did manage to get her to growl at a few people but that was it. Everyone thought she was adorable. Hope everyone had a good halloween!!


Mysticnocturne said...

Adorable! Is she the Pink Ugly Doll Monster? Brilynn has that one and Ada's costume looks exactly like it. Glad you guys had fun!! Sorry if i got the costume wrong. She's still stinking adorable! =)

DianaCotner said...

Cute costume! Hope you had a good Halloween! Sorry we weren't able to get together!

The Hartzog's said...

Hey Alisha! Are you still moving to Bountiful? And if you are when are you coming? Hope it's soon!