Thursday, November 27, 2008

Scotty wanted to add a little

So many reasons to be thankful!

Well, it is thanksgiving day in 2008, and I am stuck in Iraq. I should have a million reasons to be bitter, but I want to take the time to reflect on why I am so blessed. First off is Alisha, there are not enough good things in this whole world to say about her. Alisha is a loving, warm, funny, beautiful and extremely intelligent woman, who I absolutely adore. She is an amazing wife, and a wonderful mother. I know it has been so hard for her, ahving me gone for so long, but she has tried her best to hang in there, and still is doing so. She is a fierce lover, who showers me with all sorts of attention, and makes me feel special. I could not imagine the direction my life would take me, had I not met her. She is everything to me! I love you baby!
Second is our little monster, this little girl is an entire ocean away, but can get me to give into her every want. Each day when i see her on the webcam, I can not help but smile. She is growing up so fast, and I am sad to miss so much of it, but even still, she brings so much joy to an otherwise dull world for me. I never knew or understood the love of a parent, untill i became one myself. Ada, at only 14 months old, has tought me so many life lessons. She has tried Alisha, and I to the limits at times, and tought us both so much about patience and unconditonal love. I think I speak for both of us when I say that she is the single greatest thing to happen to our lives. I love you stinker!
Third comes my family, they have been supportive of Alisha and I since day one. I have truely been blessed with parents that i believe have nailed the unconditional love part down to a tee. They have surely helped our family out on numerous occasions, and for that I am very grateful. My brothers and sisters, have also been very helpful and supportive in all things. I appreciate the way that everyone has welcomed Alisha into the family. I love you all!
Lastly, Alisha's family. Her parents have been kind and supportive of us and our marriage, and also helped us out on numerous occasions. I remember when Ally and I first arrived in Texas, we were litteraly about to be homeless, and her parents came through with the money that we needed to get into a comfortable home. For that single act alone, I am very grateful. And that is far from the only time, that they have helped us. I am gratefull for my brother and sister in law, who tried there best to make me feel welcome, and who always loved and looked out for Al. I am also glad that she has a wonderfull cousin, who I know would help us in any way he possibly could.
When I think of all these things, it really makes me realize that I am so blessed. In addition to our wonderfull families though. I am gratefull for the job that I have, that puts a roof over my families head, puts food on the table and provides us all the neccesities of life. Although at times it is tough being so far from home, and those that I love, I am indeed grateful for my oppurtunity to serve. My service has made me appreciate the heroes of the past even more. So many Americans who gave the ultimate sacrafice for our beloved country. I am proud of my father who has served faithfully in the military for 30 plus years, and also for my Grandfather, for his courageous service in WW2.
This is getting longer than I imagined it would, so I will bring it to a close. I encourage each person that reads this, to reflect on the many many blessings in there own lives. You might trulely be suprised how much you have to be thankful for!



Mysticnocturne said...

Happy Thanksgiving! A beautiful sentiment. God bless you and your family today and throughout the holidays!

AJ, Jessica, & Kylee said...

I don't know if it's because I'm pregnant or because your life hits so close to home for me, but this brought me to tears! What an awesome husband you have. Thank you for your service and I hope that you both have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

grandma said...

Scott and Alisha, I want you both to know how much we love you. You are both so awesome and you make me proud to be a mother and grandmother. Thanks for your service Scott. I know it is so very hard to be away from your girls. We look forward to your return to those you love so much. Love you, mom

Anonymous said...

Well said,Scott. I thought you might like to know that your Great,Great Grandfather Robins was in the Army and was in WW1. Quite a heritage we have. We seem to be a military family in many ways. Serve with pride. I am so proud of you......Dad