Monday, December 8, 2008

A couple fun days

Well Ada and I have had a few fun days lately. On Saturday we went to an EOD air force Christmas party with our friends Jen and Paul. It was so nice to see them since it has been a while. We also got to meet there little boy Kenneth who is two months younger than Ada. The party was a lot of fun with cookies and food and activities. Plus Santa came in on a firetruck along with Sparky the fire dog and handed out presents to all the kids. Ada didn't care much about Santa but she loved sparky!

Then yesterday we went and played at a big indoor play area. She got to climb and run and jump and really enjoy herself. It was a huge eye opener for me because I didnt realize how big she is getting. The areas I thought I would have to help her climb she had no trouble at all. She is my little monkey girl! Well thats all for now! Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Five said...

Alisha, I am really enjoying your blog and being able to watch Alisha grow up. I also feel like I am getting to know you and Scott. You are probably asking "Who are you?" I have known your Mother since birth and we grew up together. I have always considered her my best friend even though distance has kept us apart since highschool. Thank you for sharing Ada's life. You are a great writer which makes your blog even more interesting. Keep up the good work!

Five said...

Oops I guess I should have previewed that before I posted it. I know you are all grown up Alisha, though I wish I could have been there first hand more, I hope you know I was saying that I am enjoying watching ADA grow up!

Mysticnocturne said...

She's so cute! great outfit with Santa! I know what you mean about Climbing! Parker climbs everything at the play areas even though he can only take 9 steps in a row. I'm in trouble when he is running around- hahah! I'm sure you feel the same with Ada already! =)