Thursday, December 11, 2008

Update from Scott

Hi everyone!

Well, I have some down time, and just wanted to give everyone a little update about how things are going for me here in the sand box. Life is typically slow and easy for the most part. If you watch the news much, activity is at an all time low. I don't get out of the compound as much as I used to, so it really makes the time drag on most days. I must say the first few months of the deployment were quite a bit more hectic, and involved. I was moved around a bunch, but found my way back here at my company head quarters again. I take it both as a blessing and a curse, a blessing, because the living conditions are much better here, but a curse because of the issues of living on a much larger base. There are a lot more rules to abide by, and a lot more brass to watch out for.

I am trying to make it a habit to improve my personal fitness, I am not going to lie, it is rough trying to run in this smoggy and polluted country, def different, and far more difficult. I am improving slowly, but surely though. Also, I have lost about 10Lbs. over the last few months, and am only 10 more from my target weight for redeployment. Alisha has been devoting a lot of time to fitness, and I am trying to follow her example by doing the same. She is a long ways ahead of me though, and I don't know if I will ever catch up with her!

We are in to month number eight now, and time is not passing quickly enough. I still have another month till leave, it's all i really think about. This place is enough to drive anybody nuts! It will e so strange to get out and see the world again, the only time we go out in public is on our missions, and we wear our body armor, carry our weapons, and drive in heavily armored vehicles. You are always on your guard here, so I will be so curious to see how i react to moving right back into the population, as a civilian. You have habits at war, habits of not letting others get to close, driving slow, being cautious of things you don't think twice about at home. This place is a whole different ball game, I really look forward to coming home, and getting back into a normal routine, and spending time with my babies.

I am at that point where home sickness is almost always a constant. I long to hold Alisha, to feel her touch, to hold her. I miss my daughter, she really is a completely different child now! She is so big, she walks and talks, and is just a huge bundle of energy! A lot of her teeth are breaking through, and her smile is so adorable! I can't wait for leave, so we can play and re-familiarize with each other. I know she was little when I left, but I am quite sure, that there is still a part of her, that remembers her daddy! I just know that the three of us are gonna have the best time!

Well, you see a lot, and hear a lot from Ally and the stinker, but you haven't heard much from my neck of the woods. Just wanted everyone to know that that is where I am at right now. I miss you all, and if your reading this, pray for your troops, we need you support!

Love, Scotty

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grandma said...

Thanks Scott for the update. We love you and miss you and you are always in our prayers and thoughts.