Saturday, January 17, 2009

R and R

Well Scotty has only been home a few days but it has been amazing! We have had so much time playing and just enjoying each others company. Scott is loving being with his little girl again to. As I type this he is playing with her in the bath. Since being home we have had the opportunity to go on a date just the two of us. One of our friends took Ada for night and that was way nice. We went out to dinner at Red Robins and then to see Seven pounds. Today we took Ada to discovery gateway which is a childrens museum here in Salt Lake and that was alot of fun. Its so fun to see her play and interact. You can just see her mind working. Kinda a weird conincidence too. As Scott and I were walking in a man came up and put his arms around us both and jsut said Hi! I knew who it was but it took Scott a second. His commander happens to be doing leave here in Utah as well and just call it good timing but he was at the museum with his twin girls which we got to meet. Very cute girls! Look like their daddy. So that was nice to see him. Also we were able to make it to a wedding reception of a good friends of Scotts on Thursday night that he didnt think he would be here in time for. And man you should have seen the look on the guys faces when he walked through the door. You would have thought he was risen from the dead. Lol. Anyways, heres a few pics of our times.

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