Sunday, February 15, 2009

Closer Closer Closer

Well its official! I am out of the apartment! I got everything packed into both cars yesterday and I moved over to Scotts sisters house. Getting everything to fit was a bit of a challenge but we were able to get it all in. I am so glad I had Will and Drew there to help cause I would have never been able to get the big things without them. All that is left now is I have to go back this afternoon and give it a good scrub down. Ada and I are going snow mobiling with Scotts family on Monday and Tuesday up at strawberry and were excited for the distraction. Then come Wednesday I will go turn in the keys to the apartment and turn in the the modem to comcast and that will be everything! Scotts dad flies in Wednesday night and we will take off first thing Thursday morning! I am getting very anxious and very excited! I can't wait to get HOME! Well I wont be on much the next few days so I will update when I am settled in TEXAS!