Monday, February 9, 2009

Early Valentines Day

Well my wonderful husband decided that since I will be packing and moving on Valentines day he should spoil me a little early. I got these beautiful flowers from him. Thought I would share them.

And here is a few pictures of the little monster! Shes so much fun. Went to the specialist today and we are in the middle of running a whole battery of tests. One nice thing is he wants to take her off all the special diets because they are obviously not helping her and are just making my life a lot harder. I was excited about this piece of news. Hopefully when we get some results back we will know what we are dealing with. For now she is on a few different medications and lets hope they kick in quick. Her weight is still very very low. But again, she is a happy happy baby. Poor girl got stabbed twice today to take blood and she took it like a champ! I took her to burger king after for a little play time in the play area and some yummy french fries and chicken nuggets and chocolate milk. Something I'm sure she missed!


Jen Benson said...

You're right, she does look happy. I'm glad the ball is rolling for you, hopefully answers will come quickly!

DianaCotner said...

Oh thats good she can drink her chocolate milk again and you don't have to stress about every piece of food she puts in her mouth. I hope the test results will shed some light on what is going on. Keep me posted and let me know if you need anything!