Friday, March 20, 2009

Another good day

Well today was another good and exciting day. I got to dress Ada up in her cute spring dress. I ended up cleaning all morning. And then after morning naps and lunch we headed out to Wazoos for a little fun. After that it was off to hobby lobby to get some things for some more projects I had in mind.

Well when we got home, there was the ice cream man! What a great idea. Ada had never had anything from him. Right away she understood that she was going to get something. I ended up picking out the Dora treat they had. Well lets just say Ada showed me very quickly how this was not the best idea and that she is definatly entering the terrible twos. After opening it, I proceeded to try and give her some and she wanted to hold it herself. Well by the time I realized that's what she wanted the tantrum was already in full motion and she ended up in time out in her room to scream it out until she was done. Dora went into the freezer. About five minutes later she calmed down and came to me and said please and pointed to the fridge. So I thought we would try it again. This time I held her and put a bib on her and then gave it to her and she was pretty excited. She kept feeding herself and then feeding mommy. What a goof ball.

So here are a couple of the projects I worked on today. I saw this great idea in one of the blogs I follow online. They took just some cheap quilters things (can't remember what they are called right now) and put cute fabric in them, and then used them as like a tack board above their work area. Like to post new things you find of projects you might want to work on or what not. Well I had left over fabric from the same that matches the quilt in pillows on the couch in my office so I thought I would give it a shot. I really like the way they came out. I might eventually paint the quilt things black just to make it stand out a bit more. As you can see I already have some ideas up there just waiting to be done.

Another project I saw on someone else blog was a cute way to hold all of a girls hair clips. So I thought I would give this one a shot to.

Here is is before the hair ties are on it:
And after its hung in all its glory:
I really liked the way it turned out!

Oh yeah, tomorrow marks the one month till Scott is on a plane and coming home! I am so so so excited!!!


AJ, Jessica, & Kylee said...

Don't you just LOVE hobby lobby! Seriously it's my favorite store! I also made that hair bow holder a while back, but I used a 16x20 frame. I have SO many bows. I still don't have enough room on it. lol Oh, and Ada's dress is darn cute! I've never attempted to make a dress for Kylee. I should. It would be cute to put my girls in matching dresses. Are they hard to make?

DianaCotner said...

Wow woman. You are going crafty crazy... but it all looks cute!!