Sunday, March 1, 2009

Exotic animals of Texas

Well today Ada and I went with Leslie and her mom and sister to the Topsey exotic animal drive through. It was pretty fun. We got to get out and walk through a small petting zoo area. Ada happened to find a cat and thought that was the best part of it all. Then we drove through the wildlife area and it was an adventure to say the least. The animals are not at all afraid of the cars and they chase you looking for food. The ostriches and any of the birds are all freaky and kinda mean. They will peek the side of the car and try to get in. The camel that we encountered sucessfully got in the car. Had his head all the way in the window to the other side and his mouth in the food bag! Ada thought it was hilarious, while all the adults freaked out just a bit. But it was a fun time to see her get excited from the animals and it was fun to spend time with a new friend.



DianaCotner said...

That's cool and funny!!

Jen Benson said...

Camels? Yea, a little intimidating!