Sunday, March 22, 2009

I think I have a crafting fever!

Well its late but I had to post cause I feel very accomplished. I wanted to make Ada a play apron cause she is always trying to put on mommys so I set out to do that using scrap fabric I had laying around. I think it came out pretty dang cute! I used the pattern that I posted on my blog a while back and just shrunk it for her size and then added the top part cause she makes messes! I really like the way it came out! It was a bigger project then I thought cause of stoping and starting so it took me most of the day to do. But i like it. Now I just need to get it on her and get a cute picture!

I also wanted to post a pic of the beginnings of Scott's Army wall in our house. I made the letters and the star. I know he has a bunch more certificates and such when he comes home and I want to add more pictures from his graduations and stuff. But one step at a time... I was glad I atleast got this up before he gets home!


Jen said...

Really cute wall! And I love the hair clip frame. I am planning on making one for my girls room as well. It turned out great!

DianaCotner said...

Yes, definatly have craft fever! What room is the Army wall in. These are details you must share... what rooms all these decorations are in.

Ally said...

The army wall is actually in our hallway. It was the best area I had left. I don't really like where people put the army stuff in the living room and office walls are already covered so thats where its at.