Friday, May 29, 2009

Daddy got me Ice Cream!

Ada sure has missed her daddy. Each day is turning her more and more into a daddys girl. It makes me sad that she no longer wants mommy and no one else but at the same time its so much fun to watch them bond and grow close. This picture was at Adas last appt where we found that she is finally doing better. Her counts are all normal again and she is doing well. We may have finally beat this! And this is her first doctors visit in a long long time that they haven't had to poke her!

Scotty decided to get Ada her very own ice cream sandwich and boy did she love it! Only thing, she is such a girl!! She kept telling us her hands were dirty cause of the mess she made. What a goof.

And heres a bunch of pages I have been doing recently. I have got a lot done since Scott has been home and helping with the monster. Enjoy!


K-jo said...

Your pages are amazing! Do you have a program on your computer or do you do these all by hand? I love it!

DianaCotner said...

I love the scrap book pages! When you move closer I think I will have to come out for a weekend for you to teach me. Ada is so stinkin cute! She really liked the ice cream I can tell!