Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Festival and a few updates

Last Saturday our town had a little halloween festival that we thought we would check out. It wasn't very big but it was fun. They had a tot walk for the kids and Ada got to play a lot of games and win candy. Also all the booths were trick or treating so she started to get the hang of that. She really loves candy! What a surprise lol. They also had live music there and Ada spent about an hour on the dance floor entertaining people. She dressed up in her halloween costume and had a great time. I can't wait to take her trick or treating on Halloween!

Also some good news we recieved. Scott finally checked in with his unit and they have no deployment on the books for the rest of this year and all of 2010! I am pretty excited about this! It means he will be here for the birth of Brayden and at least most of his first year! I can't believe how lucky we got! Also he will be going to WLC in January and the board right after that for his Sgt. promotion so everyone keep him in your prayers and wish him luck!

Other than that, the weather has been cold and snowing here. Also I am coming to visit Portland on Nov 1st to see my Dad, and brother, and hopefully meet my cousins new baby, Wyatt. And my Uncle Bob will be in town visiting who I haven't seen in a while. Also I will get to see my mom and dad in law which is always really nice. I am excited to get to go home and have a little mini vacation. And then over Thanksgiving we will be making the trek to Utah to spend it with Scotts whole family except for Brian who sadly is still in Iraq. I am so happy to know that Scott will be here and get to come too! I am excited to meet my new niece Nastia finally! And see all our family!

Thats all for now! Hope everyone is having a great month! Oh yeah, I am half way done with this pregnancy!! Yay! Can't wait to meet my son!
Me about 20 weeks

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Jen said...

Cute pictures! Ada is a doll. And look at that belly, you're teeny! :) You probably don't feel that way, but you do look great.