Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Well last night we decided to carve some pumpkins! We had the missionaries over for dinner so we got kind of a late start but it was a lot of fun. Matt and Leslie came over and joined us. They always make things fun. So we carved and had Halloween cookies and cupcakes. Ada had a fun time except she wanted to use all the sharp tools and wasn't very happy when we told her she wasn't big enough. But we bought her the stick in faces for hers and she had fun with those. She decided to leave it on the puppy dog. I carved a monster, because I know how much Ada loves them, and then Scott carved a ghost thing. They all came out good. I tried to take a picture of them lit up but it wasn't working. Matt and Leslie did a creepy jack-o-lantern face. Ada loves being around them! She sat with Leslie a lot of the night and helped her. And its funny cause she always tells "map" to be quiet or to be nice lol.