Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Pictures...there's A LOT!!!

Well this year we had a great Christmas. My mom was able to come and join us in Colorado and we pretty much went non stop for a week! We rode the train up to the top of Pikes Peak which was a lot of fun. Ada liked riding the "choo choo" Sadly at the top the weather was pretty intense and we couldn't really see the view. But it was still fun. We did get to have a white Christmas. It snowed two days before and on Christmas eve. Christmas Eve we had fun making cookies for Santa and doing a little last minute shopping. Christmas Eve night we opened all the gifts from family and of course our traditional new pajamas. I got a pretty sweet pair from Scott that I love! Christmas morning was awesome. I loved watching Ada tear through all her presents. She was spoiled rotten!!! Even Brayden made away with a few gifts! I of course got my camera from Scott a few weeks early so I enjoyed using that to take a ton of pictures! We had a great Christmas dinner that I had fun cooking. It had all the trimmings and our friends Matt and Leslie came over and shared it with us. Afterwards we played Apples to Apples! My mom and I also got us massages and got our nails done while she was here. Those are things I dont get on a normal basis so I was pretty excited :) Thanks Mom!
For Christmas Ada got a really nice art easel from my mom, and some doll house furniture and clothes from Scotts parents. My dad and Tiffany got her a dress up set and a lock and organize toy. We got her lots of new books and her first soccer goal. Santa brought her a full doll set with all the accessories. Will and Diana got her a Dora toy and a movie which we have watched a million times already! She got lots more but its just to much to list! Thanks everyone for everything you sent! Scotty got some sweet new googles for snowboarding amoung other things. He got me a nice new scarf and gloves set and some new slippers.
All in all it was a great Christmas full of cookies, christmas movies, snow, hot chocolate, and our family. Missed everyone we couldn't be with and I hope everyone had a great Christmas! Sorry there are a million pictures and it took awhile. Just been going non stop! They are in no order really, so sorry!!! Got more to blog too so keep watching!!

Our little Santa girl
My PJ's
Ada in her new sleeping bag
Bug and me on the way down Pikes Peak
Traditional Christmas morning breakfast
Her first soccer goal!
My sweet new slippers
Sweet new googles

Adas doll set from Santa
My sweet new scarf set
Got him a new license plate cover!
Art Easel from Grandma Debbie
Sweet sweater
Brag book for Grandma

Snowboard junk

Opening her stocking
Christmas morning!
Our family in our PJ's
Scotts sweet PJ's
Bug in hers
Demarle from my Grandma Cotner :)
Opening her dress up set from Grandpa Chris and Tiffany
Doll house toys from Grandma and Grandpa C
He was excited
Opening gifts Christmas Eve
Cookies for Santa

Our family
Us girls

Grandma and Bug
Top of Pikes Peak

On the train

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