Monday, January 4, 2010

Playing dress up

I had to show off the cute pics I got of Ada playing with her dress up stuff Grandpa got her for Christmas! She is such a little diva and loves to play dress up! I can't wait to see the damage it does to my wallet when she gets older and wants this stuff for real! lol

And here is just a couple cute pics of the puppy. He is such a good dog!


The Richards said...

Ada is so darn cute! It's so fun when they start dressing up! I just love it. And happy anniversary! Crazy how fast it goes by. We are coming up on 7! Sheesh makes me feel old!

P.S. do you have the D300 or the new D3000?

The Richards said...

I think that's the new version of my D40. You wrote on your blog that Scott got you the D300, which is a $2000 DSLR (body only) so I was going to come in the night and snatch it from you!!! lol ;) I'd also grab Ada while I was there because she's just too cute and I might as well add her to my collection of little girls! hehe I'm pretty positive we will be a girl only family... poor aj :)