Thursday, February 11, 2010

Painting Time

Ada and I decided today was an arts and crafts day! I love doing crafts with her and having her right next to my craft area is so nice! Well most of the time, except when she wants to use mommys crafts stuff and not her own! But today we got out the easel grandma got her for Christmas and broke out the paints. I love that Crayola has made such good washable paints for kids. This stuff seriously comes out of ANYTHING! So I usually don't freak out to much if it gets on things...or at least I try :)

One thing I did learn about my kid today she is about as OCD as her mommy is. As soon as her paint brushes got to "messy" or she got paint on her hands or stool, it was time to stop and clean up, and then start again. She couldn't stand it being so dirty. In some ways I am so glad to have a little clean kid, like when she puts away her own shoes and coat and picks up her trash in other ways I think I may have tainted her for life! Oops!

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