Monday, May 17, 2010

The Incline!

Well we were supposed to be just doing a nice day hike in Seven Falls but since the park was closed we thought we would go check out the incline. I was not AT ALL prepared for this hike. I was in jeans and american eagle casual boots. Not exactly prime hiking clothes. Especially for this hike. The incline is a series of old rail road ties that lead up the side of pikes peak. It is about 1.02 mils but its as steep as a 68% grade in a lot of spots. You can see this baby as "the scar" from all over the colorado springs area. Why we decided to go do this hike so impromptu I have no idea!! It was really fun though to push yourself and keep going. I had Bray on the front carrier all the way up, then when I reached the top I started to head back down to meet up with the rest of the family cause Scott had Ada on his back and Tara is of course pregnant so they were going a bit slower. Well I went about 1/4 mile back down and took Ada off Scotts hands and headed back up again. It was such an intense hike but the view from the top is absolutly worth it!

To get down we decided to take the Barr trail which is a 4 mile switch back seriess back down to the bottom. Well about half way down it decided to start raining, which really wouldn't have been that bad since I was so hot, but then it started to HAIL!!! Oh it hurt! So we all started running! So just picture me carrying Ada on my back, Scott carrying Bray on his front, Pregnant Tara and James, booking it down a moutain side in a hail storm as its getting darker and darker! Teaches us to not impromptu hike! It was fun though in a way, made some memories for sure!

The bottom of the incline, if you look to the top of the picture you can see a cut out in the trees, looks like the top....its not! It keeps going!

Scott and Bray once they reached the top

Ada happy to be out of the carrier

Looking dowm what we just came up

Bray happy as can be Our family!

All of us at the top
Ada after running down in the storm...still smiling

Us after the storm!


Heather said...

yea that hike "sucks" in a good way

Jen said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you all had fun.