Tuesday, June 29, 2010

sCa Phtography

Well I decided to give my photography skills a shot since my friends were pushing me to. I guess I am a bit afraid of failure at times since I was raised to always exceed. Well I decided to post a few ads and make a web page and just see what happens. Well guess what?! I got my first real client and did the photos this morning!! That's right, a real paying gig! Who would have thought. I know its only one, but hey I am excited! Here is a small preview of some of the photos taken today.

And there is a link to my page on the side if you want to check it out! And of course if you are in the area or know of anyone in the area and you want a session just write me!

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The Richards said...

that's awesome! And funny because my hubby and I have been talking all day about me starting a photography business. But I just can't decide. I am definintely not a risk taker and starting a busniess is a risk. Have any advice? Great pics by the way!