Monday, August 9, 2010

Trip to Utah

Well we decided that we wanted to go to Utah to see family before Scott headed out again. So we packed up the kids and the dogs and headed to SLC. It was a pretty easy road trip down since Scott did most of the driving and I slept :) The first day we were there we decided to go to a water park with all the family. It was a lot of fun to see all the kids playing and especially to meet my two new nieces. All the kids had a blast and us grown ups tried to take turns the best we could so that we could even get in a little play time too.

That night we decided to have a little bon fire up at a spot in the canyon which was a lot of fun. We just did some hot dogs and smores and hung out. Ada and her cousin Bryce got a long really well this trip and the two of them had a lot of fun hanging out and playing in the dirt. Brayden of course loved watching the fire. He thinks its very interesting.

On Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the Bountiful Temple and see James and Tara get sealed. It was a really special day for them and I am so happy they were able to do that. I also got the chance to snap some pictures for them that day which was fun for me!

After the sealing we went to a little luncheon for them at a park nearby and enjoyed some good food. Ada had fun trying to sneek off into the creek that was right there at the site. I took a few pictures of some of the family there.

Sunday was Church and then baptisms for the two girls. Anastasia and Maria were both baptized and it was a really meaninful day for them. I was so happy to be a part of it. It was so nice to see how happy they were after they made that decision. There was A LOT of people at that!!! Ada loved getting to play with all her cousins so much!

Monday was a much needed down day! Tuesday we got the opportunity to go see the girls get sealed to their family in the Jordan River Temple. I think this temple has a special place in my heart because it was the temple that Scott and I reguarly attended after we got married and moved to Utah. I really love this temple. It was so amazing to know that after adopting both girls they are now sealed together as a family. Such an incredible blessing. After the sealing we all headed back to Jenns house for dinner with all the family...again A LOT of people!!

We also tried to do a few pictures with grandma and grandpa and all the cousins that were!

We were supposed to head home on Wednesday but we decided to hang out a bit longer and go camping with the family and go play on a boat! It was a lot of fun and I am glad we decided to hang out for a couple extra days. I got to wake board for my first time and I loved it! I got up on my fourth try which isn't to bad. I can't complain. Showed me how I was getting old cause the next day I was sore! Scotty of course had to wakeboard to and I loved watching him! Ada loved being on the boat and really liked playing in the water with her cousins. She really likes camping too of course!

We headed home on Saturday morning. All in all it was a really good trip. I am glad we had the opportunity to go and spend time with family and I know Scott really loved getting to see everyone. I am grateful to have a great family I married into as well as my own great family that I came from. I couldn't be more blessed!

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