Friday, November 19, 2010

Scotty comes home

Well I ended up making a last minute trip to Portland in September due to Scotts grandma making a turn for the worst. It was her time and the family was gathering so I felt it was needed for us to be there too. Packed the kids up and off we went. I got there on Sunday morning around 11 and she passed late that night. I was able to spend the next week with Scotts family and mine and hang around Portland and see a few old friends because they were sending Scott home to be with his family. It was great to see him and since we weren't getting R&R until June anyways why not right?! Well it was a long stay and there are just to many pictures to post so I am just gonna put a few from the trip. We were able to have some fun going around Portland to some of our favorite places, like voo doo donuts and 23rd street. Also we took a trip to the beach and had fun there. Got to see the house scott grew up in which was kinda cool. Mostly though, we just spent some time as a family and enjoyed being together. We got to visit with my dad and brother and cousin. Also were able to see all of Scotts siblings (me not him). Ada also got to spend time with her cousins which I know she liked. It was a great trip and we were so happy to have Daddy home even if it was only for a short while. Also Scott was home for my birthday and we were able to go out with a few friends to the melting pot for some delicious dessert! It was nice to get to go on a few dates with out the kiddos so thanks to everyone that helped watch the kids for us!

Ok picture overload! I tried my best but they are in no order at all! But enjoy anyways!
Birthday dessert!

Cooking with Tiffany
Pumpkin patch with Grandpa
Slumber party with cousin Seryna
Wy man and Bray
Picking veggies

At Battery Russell
Flying kites with Daddy

Sand time!

Think they are related?

Looking at plants with Aunt Jen
Me and my niece MashaAda and Uncle Drew

Me and Ada after riding the OHSU tram

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