Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ada's Sleepover

Well I thought it was about time for Ada to have her first official sleepover. So we invited her friend Claire to come over and hang out and do the girly thing and have a sleepover. We had a lot of fun. We all went to church together, then we brought the kids home for lunch and stuff. Then we played a few games with the girls. Ada and Claire had a lot of fun with the Elefun game. It was fun to see them really trying to catch them and getting so excited when they did! After games it was time to make brownies that Claire's mom brought with them. The girls loved this part. They each got to take turns adding the ingredients and then they stirred it all up together. After that they both helped give Brayden a bath, and then they took a bath themselves. Next was painting nails of course. What sleepover doesnt have that part right?! And then we all ate brownies together. After wards we set up the pop up house in the basement and rolled out the girls sleeping bags. They had so much fun all snuggled up in there together and watching a movie. Then it was lights off! All in all it was a good night! Ada had a blast! 

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