Monday, December 22, 2008

Stuck in Utah

Well the plan for Christmas was to spend it in Portland. Bug and I were gonna fly there and spend time with my mom and dad, Scott's parents, my brother, and of course with some friends. I was gonna have a night off of Ada and get to go out! But plans changed and I am stuck in Utah. Portland decided to dump a bunch of snow and of course portland isnt equipped for that so the airport shut down. Has been closed on and off for days. I still went this morning cause it said my flight was only delayed but after loading us all up, getting there, checking us in, making it through security and sitting there for two hours, they cancelled the flight. I'm bummed out but hey I guess its whats meant to be. They can't get us on any other flights till well after Christmas. Heres a pic of my mom playing in the beautiful snow that has me stuck here.


Jen Benson said...

Bummer! I know you wanted to get up there, but we are glad to have you with us! It will be wonderful to have you join us as long as you want to be there Christmas Day!

Mysticnocturne said...

Sorry about that! Well, hopefully you have fun with the famkily in Utah. Maybe a later trip to visit Portland will be cool too. xoxo