Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Adventures

Well Ada and I have had some pretty fun times in the last few days. The snow has been such a fun experience for her. I am really glad we came to spend some time here where she would get the opportunity to play in it. She is obsessed with snow boots now. She thinks wearing her boots is the funnest thing ever and she even loves to try and put on my boots sometimes.

We had to take Ada to the doctor this morning. She has been having a lot of medical problems and I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it all. She was suffering from a bad diaper rash, throwing up randomly but frequently and some very interesting diapers, won't go into to much detail there. So finally after a very bad night last night and the doctor not being able to see her till after the first of the year, I took her to the urgent care. Come to find out my poor girl has followed in mommy's footsteps and is lactose intolerant. Which explains everything thank goodness. But is a very drastic change in the way she eats. I never knew how much stuff had to be cut out for this allergy until checking labels and speaking with the doctor. Due to how bad her symptoms are the doctor wants to cut it completely out. Anything containing milk or whey can not be consumed. So sad! No ice cream, goldfish, chocolate, milk, pizza. But that's ok as long as we get a happy healthy baby. I still have to go online and figuring out some good things I can give her now. Most everything she eats contains something. Even all the gerber graduate foods have milk in them except one.

On a different note, we went up and spent some time with Scott's sister today and her three boys sledding! It was so much fun! We had a blast! Ada loves playing in the snow and she is such a little explorer. She just wanders around content to go look at new things. Though she did seem to love going down the hill when one of her cousins was nice enough to take her. She stayed out and played for quite a while and only decided she was down after a nice fall and a face full of snow. Watching the boys play was a lot of fun to. They were having a blast going up and down and piling on the sleds. I'm pretty sure they pushed the limits all day on how high they could climb up the hill, but their mom didnt have the heart to stop them they cause they are to cute and were having to much fun!

After playing in the snow we went back to Jens and warmed up a bit before we had to jet out the door for dinner at Will and Dianas for Jimmy's Birthday! It was nice to visit with family and Ada got to see the puppies. I also got to see my adorable nephew, but the poor guy was having a rough night. But before we left Ada decided to climb into the dogs kennel with her and it was so funny had to snap a picture.

She also climbed into Coltons little baby bouncer. Sadly enough, she is still in the weight limit to be allowed. She is barly 20lbs as of this morning.


Jen Benson said...

We're glad you joined us! It was fun getting the cousins together. It is good for the boys to help take care of their younger cousins!

DianaCotner said...

She cracks me up!!!

Mysticnocturne said...

Looks like Ada has lots of fun adventures! Glad you figured out what was wrong and that she can get better now! =)