Friday, January 30, 2009


Well its official. Scott is gone :( He took off first thing this morning. It was an early flight which really sucked because we were both so tired it made it hard to even focus on a good goodbye, if there is such a thing. We had a great leave and I loved being able to spend time with him again. We did a lot of fun stuff, as well as a bunch of just bumming around. Scott's parents flew in for a few days and we spent some good time with family which was nice. We were able to get up snowboarding for a day too. Spent lots of family time going out to eat and watching movies. Scott loved that he was able to drive his new car and I think finally he is going to stop trying to sell it since he finally drove it and fell in love with it. I tell you those boys have way to much free time on their hands over there cause Scott comes up with some crazy schemes due to bordness and to much internet browsing.

We have 11 weeks to go until Scott is back on a plane and headed home for good. Well at least until the next deployment that is. I couldn't be more excited. I dreaded having to wait so long to see my husband but now that I see how close the end is him going back wasn't as hard. Ok so maybe that's kind of a lie, but at least I know that its not much longer till he gets home. Plus I am going to be crazy busy with moving back to Texas and getting our home all put together. I am so excited for that! I can't wait! I have everything all picked out and ready to be purchased as soon as I get there. We are finally going to be able to afford to get nice furniture for our home and I get to do some real decorating! Now all I have to do is kill time for about two weeks till I head out the door here. Kinda crazy to think that I am going to be going from like 30 degree weather to 65 70 degree weather. I am excited though. I am getting tired of the cold. I need some sun!

Here are a few more pics from leave. Just us bummin. A couple from when Scotts friend Doug came to visit and his little bro. Enjoy!
Climbing up to give daddy lovesThat is some crazy hair after a nap!
Two for the price of one! Yay!
Ada playing with the big boys

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Lillian said...

Ally! It's so good to hear from you! You have such a beautiful family! I've been wondering how you were doing, so I'm so excited you're doing so well! Email me and I'll send you an invite to my family blog.