Saturday, January 31, 2009

Husband Tag

Found this on Lillians blog and I was bored so what the heck!

what's your husbands name?
how long have you been married?

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how long did you date?
only about 2 months...were nuts!
how old is he?
who eats more sweets?
definitely me!
who is a better singer?
probably me, but I wouldn't say either of us are great at it lol
who is smarter?
I would say him, he worked hard to get through EOD school and that wasn't easy. Im very proud of him
who does the laundry?
That would be me, but technically he does his now too, but we all know that will end when he gets home.
who pays the bills?
who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
who mows the lawn?
don't exactly have one at the moment, but soon will and that will for sure be him!
who cooks dinner?
who drives?
Scotty, but his driving drives me nuts!
who is the first to say they are wrong?
I would say Scott, he is way to forgiving and way to nice to me. I don't deserve him at all!
who kissed who first?
That would be him! I said no kissing on the first date and somehow he managed to throw my morals all out the window!
who asked who out first?
I would say that was me. He claims him, but how do you ask someone out when you don't even have a car to come pick her up in...lame!
who wears the pants?
umm, both? Guess it depends on the situation. He lets me do my thing with the house and all that jazz but if he has an opinion on something he's not afraid to put his input in. Hes just very laid back

I tag :

Jen B
Jen H
Jessica R

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Jen Benson said...

I still haven't finished the last one you sent me!:) I'll try and get to this one. Take care.