Sunday, January 25, 2009


Yesterday was another fun family day. We hung out at our place in the morning and beat each other up at some mario kart. We are really having fun with our new Wii. Then we went out to Fatcats with his family. Its a bowling alley/game place/pizza parlor/billard place all in one. We ended up having a good lunch and then did some bowling. We only played one game but with 14 people it takes forever! Ada really liked pushing the ball down the lane, only problem was she wanted all the balls she could see! LoL. I must say that my years and years of being a geek and being in the saturday bowling league growing up paid off and I kicked everyones butt with a nice score of 204. Not a bad game. Scott got beat not only by his wife, but also his mom and daughter. It was a sad day for him. After bowling we headed back to Jens house to hang out. The girls all took off and went shopping at this place called quilted bear. Its a cool shop where people can rent out space and sell their crafts. Man! If my house was here I could have bought so much stuff!! Instead I just got another head full of ideas of things I can work on making once I head back. I am so done with Utah and really want to get home! We had a nice lasguana dinner as a family even though we were all stuffed from pizza still. Grandma Cotner even made Ada her very own gluten free and lactose free lasgana. She digged it. Well thats all for now. Heres some pics. Enjoy!