Saturday, January 24, 2009

Snowboarding! Yay!

Well Scott and I got the chance to go shred it up last night. It was a lot of fun. We didn't stay up for to long cause unfortuantly his little brother tried to pull off a stunt and well, didn't pull it off. So he hurt his knee and then his other brother already had a bum hip so we weren't up as long as I think we would have liked but we did get in some good runs and it was just fun to get out and play. We also went with his sister so that was nice to have another girl. Scott got a new board this summer due to his obbssive online shopping while in the sandbox so he was a happy boy. Sadly we totally forgot the camera so we dont have any pictures..lame I know.

On a side note, Ada is still not doing much better. We have switched her diet but no improvment yet. The doctor said if he didn't see weight gain in two weeks he was going to have to take some drastic measures. I am not sure what that means and I dont really want to find out since I am leaving in three weeks to Texas. The last thing we need is to get stuck here. But if Ada needs something then we will do what needs to be done. She is still happy and playing as if nothing is bugging her, but she is getting skinny skinny. Hopefully we can get this under control soon. I plan on going to a specialist as soon as we get to Texas its just a matter of getting there.

Oh and one other thing. One of my friends has a new craft site and she makes some really cute things. You should all check it out and buy something from her! She is very talented! Heres the link

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Jen Benson said...

It's been fun! Glad to have you all around...