Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trying to play catch up!

Front of my house

Ok so I have a lot to blog about! Before I headed out to Texas I got to spend a few fun days going snow mobiling with my sibling in laws. It was a blast. I went with Jen and Drew and there 3 boys and Will, Diana, and Colton. They brought Steve along of course, and then Jimmy and Tara. We were supposed to go up for two days but when we woke up the second morning we found out that a big storm had moved in so we all had to hurry and pack up and have a tractor lead us out to plow the road cause the conditions were so bad. But the first day was awesome. I got to go on a nice long ride and I only got mine stuck twice. Not to bad for only my second trip. Heres a couple pics.Ada playing peek a boo!

My adorable nephews
That would be me

Tara, me and Jen

So the road trip to Texas went pretty good. My father in law came and helped me drive the other car. I was stuck in Scotts. Now don't get me wrong I love Scotts car but its not exactly the most comfy thing for a 20+ hour trip. But we made it work. All my stuff barely fit in both cars. Some of the scenery we past was pretty good and some of it was pretty boring. I did get pulled over twice and for some pretty lame excuses. Once right about 8 miles from the colorado border a cop pulled me over cause he said the tint was to dark. Which it was for Utah standards but the car is registered in Oregon with Oregon plates so it was dumb. And the second time in a small town a cop pulled me over for having a light out over my liscense plate. To bad it was the back liscense plate and he flipped around to pull me over before he even saw the back of my car. Dang car draws to much attention! No tickets though so at least thats a good thing. We were able to make the drive in two days which was nice since I didn't want to have to wake up a third morning and do more driving. Saturday I signed the lease on my place and got the keys and we went and unloaded the cars as well as pick up all the new stuff I had ordered from wal mart. My father in law got to putting some of the furniture together. As of right now everything is assembled and I am loving it! Adas room is very cute. I haven't finished with all the decorating yet but I love her bedding and I went to Ikea and got her some cute stuff for her room. Its so exciting to see her in a big girl bed. I also have the desk and filing cabinet set up, and my dinning room furniture is all set up. And then today they are delivering our new couch and all my bedroom furniture and that will be the last of it. Then it will really be time to get to work and start decorating and getting this house in order! I have got almost everything un packed and I think by the end of the weekend I will be done! Well thats all for now. Heres a few more picsAda in the carShe actually passed out on the couch. She never ever does that! We were playing games in the car. Shes a goof!Big girl bed! Man she is growing up way to fast!Playing at a Burger King along the wayPast out! Me driving


Jen Benson said...

Looks very cute. I want to see some pictures when you get done.

AJ, Jessica, & Kylee said...

How fun.. you get to decorate your home! I still have a ton to do to mine, sounds like you are way ahead of me!! lol
What kind of red and green do you want for your recipe box?? Like bright red, or rustic red.. I just want to make sure it's the colors that you want.