Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bath time fun

So I was bumming around at Target with Liz yesterday and we were in the baby section of course, she has a 3 week old. (ps. making me really baby hungry!!) But I stumbled across all the bath time stuff they have now. Who would have thought they could make so many things to play with in the bath! So I decided to give Ada a few new things since she is on this whole coloring trip lately. I bought her the markers to play with in the bath. SHE LOVES THEM! I want to go back and get the crayons too cause the markers kinda melt down the walls. It makes cleaning the bath a bit more work for me but thats ok cause shes having alot of fun. I also picked up these drops that change the water. I decided to give her a pink bath yesterday. When I dropped the tablet in the water she goes "oooooooooo" Shes so funny. Anyways heres a couple pics.

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