Thursday, March 12, 2009

Coloring Time

Some days I forget how blessed I am to have such an amazing family. This deployment has been a trial on all of us. We have had our struggles and our just flat our crappy days. We miss each
other terribly all the time and even though we are almost done with it, it still doesn't make it easier. People seem to think that just because we have a little over a month left that it should just be smooth sailing from here. Well its not. Until our family is back together and we have each
other in our arms nothing is ok. Not until that very second that we are finally back together again will I feel whole. But the lucky part of all this is that I have an amazing kid that brings me joy even in my crappiest of crappy days. Today was one of those just not so fun days and yet here she is showing me how big she is getting and just how amazing she is. I know its just coloring but its so much more than that. I can't believe how much she has grown since Scott left. She is turning into such an amazing person and I am lucky enough to be here to see it all. I know it kills Scott that he is missing so much and we can't wait till he is home to enjoy this time with us. She grows and changes each day and I couldn't be more greatful to have such a little miracle in my life. Scott and I want to try for our second child as soon as he gets home, and its so crazy to me to think that we once were a family without her. We truly weren't whole until she came into our lives. And hopefully I will be saying the same thing about our next child when we are lucky enough to be blessed with him or her.

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DianaCotner said...

You are strong and I know you will make it. Soon this will be a bittersweet memory that only made your love grow stronger! I wish I was there to help you pass the time and try to cheer you up!