Monday, March 9, 2009


Well I have decided to set a new goal for myself. I want to lose 10lbs by the time Scott comes home. I am pretty determined this time that I can do it. That would probably put me at the smallest I have been since Scott and I have been together and I think it would be a good thing since we want to get prego when he comes back. I would like to start that pregnancy out small. I feel like I have been where I am at for a long time now and I haven't really dedicated myself to be as healthy as I could be. Even if I don't lose the full 10lbs, 5 would be nice and just to get my lifestyle back to being healthy. I have already bought the better groceries and am working on cooking better meals even if it is just for me. Also I am working out again and just making sure not to sit around much. My job helps out with that. I am drinking more water as well and cutting back on the diet soda. Scott has been busting his butt to get in shape for me and I feel I should do the same for him! Well wish me luck!!


Kelly The Queen said...

Good luck with your 5 or 10 lbs. I think you look great the way you are. I just added my name as a follower to your blog but have been following it for awhile as my daughter Jody told me about you. So just wanted you to know I am not some weirdo, following your blog. I am Jody's mom and Isabella's grandma. I have my own blog as well documenting my weight loss journey. You have a beautiful little girl and I hope your 40 days go by quickly till your husband gets home.

scotty said...

your still way sexier than me!