Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well the weather took a turn here and I am sitting her procrastinating doing anything. Its just so blah outside that I dont feel motivated to do anything! I hate when its all gloomy like this. I should be working on a military purse for my friend but just can't seem to pull out the will. Also I have a cold or allergies or something kicking my butt right now and I no meds seem to be helping me out. I have a doctors appointment here this afternoon for it, but its on post. I guess they decided to lock down all the new incomers with on post medical and you don't have an option. I think its really really crappy but its what we have. So I have an appointment today and Ada has one on the 31st to get her a referral to go back to a specialist cause all her fun digiestive issues are back but if I am not pleased we will be switching out medical and paying out of pocket for some things. So fingers crossed our doctor is good and not bad! Well this is just me rambling on cause I dont feel like doing anything of anything right now. Blah!

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Jen said...

Hang in there! There are a lot of yucky germs spreading right now. JR has been home since Monday from school with a stomach flu and cold. Yuck!