Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So I really thought I had some bad allergies going on. Allergies run in my family and I have never had them so when the signs starting popping up I just figured it was my time to follow in those family genes. So I set up and appointment to go get some allergy medicine. I have felt pretty crummy the last few days and I just thought I was being a big baby dealing with them cause I really just haven't felt well and didn't have much motivation. Well come to find out I have allergies, on top of a sinus infection and double ear infection. No wonder I didn't feel good. So now I am on all sorts of great medicines and I have to have a cat scan of my sinus done because all my passage ways are completly closed up and he couldn't see anything. My parents and brother have all had the surgery where they go in and scrape you clean and open it all up. The doctor informed me today that this very well could be my future. Yay.... Ugh...

On a brighter note, I actually think I like my doctor and the facility I am at. So looks like we won't be having to switch out medical. So thats a bonus


Jen said...

Oh, yuck. Hang in there. Wish we were closer so we could help you out.

grandma said...

You have been a busy lady. Love the apron, montage and wall. Sorry you aren't feeling well. Meds should help soon.