Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Project

Well I have a few spring projects I want to do around here and one of the first was to make Ada a few pillowcase dresses with the cute fabric they have out. So today I set off to Hobby Lobby to find some. Sadly most of the fabric was pretty picked over, but on an upside everything was on sale! I found a couple cute fabrics and got enough to make Ada two dresses, and also my friends baby two dresses for under $8!! I was pretty excited about this! I was able to accomplish the first of Adas today. I think it turned out pretty stinking cute and I can't wait to dress her in it tomorrow. For now all you get is a picture of it on the hanger

But here are a few cute pics of her in the bath. I was in the office working on some things and I heard her just having a ball in the bath so I went to check on her cause that usually means trouble. I was right! She had sucessfully gotten her hand on the plunger (which thank goodness has never been used!) and had it in the tub with her! She was sticking it to the walls. What a little goof ball! Needless to say its safely now on the other side of the toilet so she can't reach it. What a gross thought if it hadn't been brand new...eww!!


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