Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another day in the hospital

Well we spent another long day at the hospital. Ada continued to get worst the last few days and after refusing to eat for more than 36 hours and throwing up continually I decided it was time to take her back in, even just to get some fluids. She didnt want to get off the couch. She didnt want to move and she would just cry and cry and cry. It was awful to see her like that. They immediatly gave her something for the vommiting and started pumping her full of fluids. They continued to draw more blood and run more tests. Her levels are very messed up from the prolonged vommiting. They are worried about the long term effects this can have on her if they can't find a way to get it under control. So they decided yesterday that we were a priority case and we will be driving to San Antonio some time next week to get her into a specialist on a emergency refferal. FINALLY!!! They were gonna make me wait atleast another month till I would be able to see a Peds GI Specialist so I am so so thankful that they are going to get her in sooner. We just have to wait on tri care and the referral process to go through. Also she is set up for more tests to be run this next week at the hospital here. I am supposed to keep her home cause there isn't much they can do for her at the hospital and I didnt want to admit her if it wasn't nessecary. I have to take her back in for fluids if she continues to vommit more than she is taking in. But I know have meds to hopefully help keep that under control. This morning she did decide that she wanted something to drink and took two bites of waffle so atleast thats a start!

On another note, Scott is coming home! Oh my gosh, I couldn't be more happy about this. They decided that since they were just waiting around on a flight to come home anyways in the next couple weeks that they would send him out ahead of schedule and get him home to help me and be here for us. He is worried sick about his little girl and feels so helpless being so far away. Last I heard from him was early early this morning and he was in Kuwait and about to get on a plane headed my way. Hopefully in the next day or two he will be home. Says he will call from Dallas and tell me I got three hours. I cannot wait for that phone call!! So Ada and I will be at home just getting things ready for Daddy and taking it easy. Maybe we will get lucky and the Easter bunny will deliver us the best easter gift ever!


DianaCotner said...

Yeah! That's so great they finally decided to send Scott home! Hopefully the doctors will know what is wrong with her soon and know how to fix it. Love you guys! Wish you were closer!

AJ, Jessica, & Kylee said...

YAY!! It's finally over for you! Your hubby is on his way home. That is just so exciting. But so sad about Ada. I can't even imagine having to go through all that. I hate when Kylee is sick. I'm so glad your hubby is coming home and will be able to be with you through all this medical stuff you are having to deal with. I sure hope they figure out what is going on with her ASAP!!

Mysticnocturne said...

Welcome Home Scott! Get Well Ada! xoxo

Jen said...

Is he home? I hope you are all doing well!