Monday, April 27, 2009

Redecorate a little of the house

Scotty and I decided to do a mini revamp of our home. I never really did get Adas room the way I wanted it so we decided to finish that off. It required a trip to Ikea and when you go into that place you always come out with things you didnt go in to buy. So we got a few new things for our living room as well.We got this mirror which matches our couch almost perfectly! And the nice magazine holder on the wall. I love it cause we don't lose our remotes now. Also Ada can't reach them.

I found this sign and candle holders at Hobby lobby and I loved it. And then the shelf over by the door I made. I added the picture frame with one of my fav pics of Ada.

Scotty was nice enough to hang some shelves in Ada bugs room for me. I made the letters that are over her bed. Got a cute new night light for the nightstand
There is the magnet board we found to hold her letters and numbers to get them off our fridge. I was very excited about this cause they are always all over my kitchen floor. And the toybox we painted that Grandpa Cotner made her. Now it matches her room.
I thought these shelves were pretty cool and we got the extra bed side table to hold more toys. Now she has books all over the place and she is constantly asking to read them.

Heres a couple pictures of my two favorite people playing together. I love to watch them. Its so nice having him home again!

She helps mommy vaccum the floor! She loves to tickle daddy!


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Mysticnocturne said...

Love the way it turned out!