Friday, April 24, 2009

Got my hair done!

Yesterday was such a nice day! I decided that it had just been way to long since I got my hair cut or colored so I thought I would go ahead and splurge and Scotty agreed. So my friend watched Ada Bug for me and I headed off to the Salon. It took FOREVER!! I forget that when you have long hair it takes like twice as long! Not to mention costs a little more but thats ok. Anyways I got to sit there and enjoy myself and be baby free. It was really nice and I love the way my hair turned out. The picture is hard to see just cause the flash kinda washes out the color but I got a little blonde and a little red added to my brown hair. Im loving it! Then Scotty and I took our friends out to dinner last night at Olive Garden. It was so yummy! Ada loved her pasta but to bad Scotty forgot the left overs! I was looking forward to that for lunch today. Oh well! On another note, Scottys unit STILL hasn't come back yet. I feel bad for all the wives cause they keep changing the date on them! Poor ladies :( But once his unit gets home then they will do reintergration and then send them on block leave. A whole month off to spend as a family! Im very excited for all the fun stuff we have planned!

On another note. Bug has yet another little boyfriend. I have made good friends with Christen here and her son is the same age as Ada, just a few weeks younger. The two of them love to be around eachother. Ada can say Charles, his name, and asks for playdates with him all the time. Its really cute. They both have a little bit of trouble sharing toys with one another but were working on it. Its fun to see her interact with kids her age. And speaking of Charles were about to head out the door to the library with him and then maybe wazoos for some fun. Im very blessed to have such a smart little girl. Its such a joy to see how much she grows and changes. She is doing a million times better with her stomach issues. No more throwing up and she has regular diapers now. Only a few days and shes almost all better! So we have started to work on potty training with her. Any of you out there have advice Im open for it. Also she can count to five and has all her colors down. She has a HUGE vocabulary. She knows please and thank you very well now. She can tell us when she is hungry or tired. She loves having daddy home and talks about him non stop when he is gone at work. Its just amazing to watch her grow up. I love this little girl!

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Mysticnocturne said...

Way cutie hair! Looks fun! =)