Tuesday, April 21, 2009

We finally got an answer..or atleast we hope

Well today we went into the doctor and weren't to sure what to expect. We knew we were getting the results back from a lot of tests that they have been running on Ada and to be honest, I was kind of scared. I didn't want to be told that something was wrong with her. Well I guess we got lucky. Today we found out that the reason for all of this mess goes all the way back to her 1 year old appointment when I asked the doctor about Adas diaper rash. She had a bad diaper rash that had grown into a yeast infection as they typically do with little girls. Well they gave me some creame and sent me home. Come to find out that this yeast infection traveled up into her stomach and intestinal track and has been growing and breeding in there for 7 months now. When the GI doctor we saw in Utah gave her a prescription to kill any bacteria in her system all it did was kill the good germs because of the already existing yeast infection that no one had caught on to, and in the process caused a nasty intestinal infection on top of the yeast infection in her stomach. So basically all of this has just been reacking havic on her little body and making her throw up and have chronic diaherra and not able to absorb any nutrients from her food. Needless to say I was very angry to find out it was something so simple that the doctor should have treated at the same appointment I got the creme from. And I was also irritated that no doctor until now has even thought to check for something so simple. I understand there was a lot going on and they were trying to solve the problem, but she has been sick for quite a while just because they forgot to give her both medicines for something very basic and very common in little girls. On the other hand I am so relieved to know that its something simple, and treatable. Ada is on two antibiotics and a topical creme again and I should see some drastic changes in about 3 to 4 days. If not then this isnt the answer, but lets just all pray it is. Only one problem is that one of the antibiotics is in pill form and no matter what I have tried putting it in she can taste it and gags on it and throws it back up. So I am going to have to call the doctor in the morning and see if they can give it to me in a different form cause thats not helping at all. But it sounds like everything will be fine with her in a few days and she will be back to eating normal foods and gaining weight and no more throwing up! And hopefully our diaper bill will go down!

On another note we had a good day today after this appointment. We got out Adas new swim pool and played outside in the sun. It was alot of fun. The neighbor came over with her son Luke and the two kids played for a few hours. Then Scotty came home and grilled out on the BBQ. I am loving every minute of having him home and I look forward to all the fun things we are going to get to do this summer. On a downside, I got burned today, and for those of you that know me thats not normal. Only time I can remember getting burned is when I was pregnant with Ada and the doctor said it was due to all the hormone changes...hmm wonder what that means?? Cross our fingers!


DianaCotner said...

Great news! It's too bad for something so simple it took them so long to figure out. I's glad it is very treatable too. Poor baby! Hopefully she can be happy and healthy and start chunking up!!

Jen said...

I hope she does continue to get better! What a pain to have to find out this much later! Glad to see your happy family!

Mysticnocturne said...

That's wonderful that she could be well again in as little as a few days- yeay!!! Also that you will get to spend the summer together as a happy family. Hopefully it is Baby #2! =)