Friday, May 22, 2009

Catch up!

So I have slacked just a little lately on here. I have been busy with Scott off work and being home enjoying family time. Its so nice to have him around to help out with Ada and just to be together. This last weekend we took a trip up to San Antonio and Austin. We visited the riverwalk, Alamo and the Austin zoo. It was a really good time. Ada had a lot of fun. The weather was pretty perfect too. It wasn't to hot outside but just hot enough. We got to eat some good food and enjoy some great company. The Austin zoo is nothing like the portland zoo but it did have a few fun things. Ada really enjoyed feeding the goats there. And she like the Tigers because they were actually up and walking around. She kept calling them kittys. Also she thought the monkeys were pretty cool. Mostly cause I think she knew what they were.You know shes thinking about it.

Scott decided to cut his hair into a mohawk since he can. I think its pretty ridiculous but whatever makes him happy. I don't mind since I know he can't have it for much longer. Gotta love the Army! Keeps them boys in line haha.

Speaking of Army, we have decided that we are going to try and get moved to Colorado as soon as we can. When Scott gets back from leave he is going to try and get his orders changed and get us out of here and moved on. We decided we just want to get there and get settled if its possible. Also we have finally got Ada to keep down her meds that they gave her at her last appointment and they do seem to be helping. We go back on the 26th to find out what more the doctor has to say. Hopefully we can get her figured out before we have to move that way we don't have to switch doctors yet again.

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