Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Still sick

Well we had an appointment for Ada on Monday to the GI Specialist here. We finally were able to get in and talk to him about some things. Ada has been on the yeast infection meds now and we are all done with them. Sadly the longer she was on them the more her symptoms started to come back. She never was able to take the other pills and her doctor told me to just forget them and that the yeast meds should be enough. Well come to find out from her GI doc that that was not true. So she still has C Dif, which is an infection that runs in her intestines. That is actually a worse problem than the yeast infection. He gave us a script for oral meds for her for that. Hopefully we can get her to keep those down. He thinks that once that is under control we should be able to get a better idea as to what is going on with her. We had to run more tests yet again. Poor Ada knows exactly whats happeneing when the nurses come in with the gloves on. She even told them thank you when they said they were all done. It was so cute but so sad cause she was crying. This place atleast lets her be held in my lap instead of swaddling her in a blanket and restraining her on the table. I think that worked much better for her and that made me feel good. He said that he thinks celiac is still a very real possiblity for her and that he would be running those tests to see what they come up with. I asked why if I put her on the gluten free diet before and it did nothing then why he would think that still. He said that becasue she had the infections going on that the reactions could very well have been from that and thats why I thought I was getting no results. So we will see what the tests results bring up. Ada was doing really well for awhile but right now she is slowly going back to being sick again. This morning so far was the worst of it. I hope it gets better quick. We will start her on the C Dif meds today.
As far as the blood results and her alkaline phosphate leveles being off, this doctor didnt seem to be to overly concerened with it. He said that if her liver were an issue that there would have been other factors on her CBC that would have shown up. He is re running the CBC as well as a break down of the alkaline phospotates to re check it all and see where we are. He isn't ruling it out yet, but also said he doesn't think that its an issue. We have a follow up appt in two weeks. He also encouraged us to try and get her potty trained as soon as possible. Granted with her getting sick again he said it can be tricky. But that it can help her not have as many accidents in a day considering she will be more aware of them. So we will continue to work on that. Thanks to Grandma Cotner Ada has lots of big girl Dora panties! She loves Dora and was so excited to get them. She carried around about 3 pairs for an hour. Oh one more good thing, Ada gained some weight!! Due to the fact that she wasn't throwing up every day she gained about 2.5 lbs! Yay! She is now right in the 10th % for her weight and 50% for her height. So I was very happy about that. Sadly if what is happeneing with her right now keeps going then she is going to drop down again. Lets just hope that doesn't happen. Here is a picture of her on the way home from the doctors after they poked and prouded her.

Another good thing, Scott is on leave! Yay! We get him for like 30+ days! We have some fun things planed to do but mostly we are just relaxing and enjoying spending time together. Ada loves having Daddy home. If he leaves for anything she asks for him the whole time he is gone. And then gets so excited when he walks back through the door. She is really starting to warm up to him. Last night she just climbed up on the couch and cuddled with him. Ada is also very into accesorizing lately. She wants to always have a braclet and a hair tie and glasses and a back pack and shoes. She is always asking to put them on. She just wants to be grown up already. Here is a picture of her in all her glory.
Last but not least, I had a wonderful mothers day. Scotty was so good to me. He took care of Ada all day for me. I didnt have to change one diaper! It was awesome! He also took me out to lunch. And was going to make me dinner but I was just to full. I woke up in the morning to my sweet girl carrying in a card and a candle from her. She was so excited to give it to me. Also Scotty was able to prompt her to say Happy Mommys Day. It was adorable. Scotty got me a beautiful right hand ring that I wanted. He is an amazing husband and I couldnt be more lucky to have him. We have been really slacking on taking pictures to post up here so I will work on that. Just so busy having him home and enjoying my time with him. Heres the ring he got me! So pretty!



grandma said...

So sorry to hear about Ada being sick again. I hope these meds work for her. She is so precious and too little to be so sick. Happy she liked her panties. Maybe she will like wearing them, not just carrying them around. LOL! Love you guys.

DianaCotner said...

Poor Little Girl but what a trooper for having to go through all that! Nice ring!

Mysticnocturne said...

Sorry she's so sickie =( Glad you are all together again, and that your Mother's Day was so great =)