Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Scotty and I decided to head out and explore a little today. I looked up online to find a few hiking places in the area. Now granted I was spoiled this last year living in Oregon and getting to hike along the gorge almost every week. I loved it there! Nothing here even comes close to comparing but never the less we decided it would be a good family activity to hit the outdoors a little here and see what Texas has to offer. We found a nice hike that runs along the river side and then there is a waterfall. We decided to venture off the "nature hike" and walk the river bed a bit and see what there really was there. The nature hike was basically a gravel walk way. Not exaclty the hiking we were hoping to find. But the walk along the river was nice. Ada was being the little independent girl she is and wanted nothing more than to get down and hike with mommy and daddy. So we let her walk most of the way. Made me a little nervous when she would get to close to the water or she would walk close to an edge but she loved exploring. She is so curious about everything and wants to do everything on her own. She does not like to have any help. After we got done hiking that we decided to drive over to another hiking spot and this time Ada had to stay in the back pack. It was getting really hot and we just hiked to the top of Dana Peak. Its not much of a mountain but it was nice. We found some areas that on another day we could explore some more. Also that trial has some bike trails as well and we would love to come have some time to go riding one of these days.

What a face!!!


grandma said...

Looks like you had fun. Ada is getting soooo big. I think she gets her independence from both mom and dad, ya think? LOL

DianaCotner said...

Looks like tons of fun! I need to get one of those baby paks.