Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well time is sure flying by. Scott has officially been home for 3 weeks now. Its so nice to have him back. This was a long year for us and I am so grateful to have my best friend home with me. He is back at work still and hopefully by the end of this week we should be on leave. His unit finally came in last week and it was nice to see some of his buddies I have not seen in a long time.

Ada is doing pretty good right now. She is not 100% better and we found out that her blood work is still not what it is supposed to be. We will be seeing a new specialist on the 11th to see if we can find out exactly what is going on with that. Her liver is what the problem is now and they don't know why or what so they referred us out. Thankfully it didn't take to long when this last doctor put in the referral. Hopefully they will be able to tell us whats going on.

I have been dutifully getting my butt back in the gym since slacking with Ada being sick and Scott coming home. It feels great to work out again. I'm paying the price for taking a couple weeks off though. Scott and I decided to start eating much healthier than we have been and making sure that fitness is a permanent part of both of our lives now that he is home again. We have one very active little monster that we both have to make sure we can keep up with. Not to mention we are still hoping for baby #2 and I got to get my body ready for that.

Not to much else is going on with us right now. Its kinda nice to have just a normal, uncomplicated life for a little bit. We are just enjoying our time being a family again. No pictures this time. Keep forgetting to pull out the camera. Ill get on it though.


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