Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A new job

Well I started watching a friends kid full time this week. Her name is Isis and she is almost 4 years old. She is the daughter of a guy that Scott works with and I absolutly adore the kid. We have had a lot of fun already since she has been here. Her and Ada get along pretty well and they both love the puppy. I have to play referee sometime but otherwise its pretty much a cake walk. I like having both girls cause it keeps me even more motivated to take them out and do things that are fun for them. So far we have played at the park and set up the pool at our house this week. Today we are off to Wazoos to play with some other kids and then tomorrow we are going to the community pool. Also we made home made playdough and had a blast playing with that. The best part is I am bringing in a little extra cash to help out the family. I think Scott will eventually blow it all on car parts but hey whatever keeps him happy right?

Oh other big news, I am soon to be an aunt again and again and again lol. My sister in law Jenn, (Scotts sister) is in the Ukraine right now hopefully picking up one, if not both of her girls that she is adopting. Masha and Nastia. May only be Nastia at the moment but eventually they will have both. And then my other sister in law Lynnette is prego with her fourth baby. I am a bit jealous cause we are trying to get pregnant right now but I am also thrilled for them. I know they have wanted four kids so now I guess they will have that and be done. Sadly her husband, Scotts brother Brian, is deploying on Friday. We will keep him in our prayers. We know how hard deployments are. Well I think thats all the exciting news for now.



DianaCotner said...

Busy, busy! I wouldn't let Scott spend all of it. Since you work so hard to get it, you should pamper yourself...

grandma said...

Looks like the girls are having great fun. It is nice when they entertain each other. As far as the grandkids go, that will make 11for dad and I. The fun never ends!!!! Love you. See you soon!

Jen said...

I keep forgetting that your blog is private and doesn't automatically pop up anymore! Sorry I haven't been keeping up. It looks like things are going well, I'm so glad! Life's good with Scott back home!
Thanks for following the blog. It is nice to have comments from back home and knowing we are being supported in this. We are happy and excited to bring Nastia home and let everyone get to know her better.
Take care!

P.S. That little Ada is adorable!