Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fun times and new family addition!

Well Ada and I got the opportunity to go and play at a local gym. Its called Texas Tumblers and they have an open gym for preschool kids every friday for 5 bucks. I met up with another mom there and the two girls had a blast! Ada really liked running around and playing on everything. She would jump into the foam pit with no fear and then she would get stuck and I would have to help her out. She also walked the whole length of a floor level balance beam all by herself. I was pretty impressed with that. She liked all the trampolines and she especially loved swinging on the rings. She has some pretty impressive upper body strength for how little she is. Anyways she had a blast and I will def. be going back. Except that starting tomorrow I am going to be full time watching a friend of ours little girl. She is 4 and a sweetheart and I look forward to having fun with both kids now. We already have plans to go to the local swimming pool and to wazoos this next week. I am going to have one busy summer! And I'm looking forward to every minute of it!

Also we got a new addition to the family. Scott and I decided to get a small dog that is mine and Adas before we get to Colorado. He will yet again get his big dog when we get there. Who knows what he will pick. But I got a doxon/chiwauah mix. She is a little girl and we named her Roxy. Ada loves loves LOVES her! I think it was the perfect choice for right now since she is nice and small and will stay that way. I am just not ready for another big dog yet! But we love pets and we love having a dog as a part of our family.


DianaCotner said...

With all the activities you guys post about it makes me think I live in a really boring town! Cute puppy!

grandma said...

Maybe Ada will take after her grandma. I used to do gymnastics too. I could do the splits on the balance beam. That would hurt like crazy today. NO, I will not try.