Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Waco Zoo

Scotty and I decided that we would squeeze in one more good family day before he had to head back to work. So Monday we headed up to the Waco zoo, since the Austin zoo was kind of a bust. Ada had yet to really see the good animals like elephants and giraffes. From the web page the Waco zoo looked much nicer and boy was it! Ada had a blast. She walked alot of the zoo on her own without the stroller which I know she really liked. She especially liked the monkeys! They wouldn't come out to much cause they were in the trees seeking shade but when they did she thought they were just great. And when they were hiding she would sit there saying come here monkeys! It was so cute. Daddy got her some fish food and she got to feed the fish which she also really enjoyed. They had alot of animals all which were out and about which was nice. All in all a good day. Scott offically is back at work now. So its back to just Bug and I playing! She has already asked for Daddy a number of times this morning. I don't think she quite understands that he has to go to work.

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