Friday, July 10, 2009

First OB Appt


What a joke!! Lets just start off by saying that I really really REALLY dont like military doctors! I was told by my primary doctor that at my first appointment they would do an ultrasound and find out where the baby is at, get an approximate due date, and just make sure everything is ok. LIES! So I get there and they tell me that all the first appointment is, is paperwork and some labs. I was a little upset. SO..I asked the lady what I had to do to get a look at my baby or atleast at the heartbeat just to have some reassurance that everything was ok. Not to mention I really don't know when I am due and I would like to know about how far along I am. Well she said to basically say that I am cramping and then I can go to the same day clinic and they would do one. Plus I needed to get some anit nausea meds anyways. So thats what I did. WELL..when I saw this doctor he said that he was going to do an ultrasound. They tried to pull it up and could just barely see the gestational sac and since they thought I was in my 10th week that isn't right. They should be able to see the baby. So he said that either A) my dates are off (which i think is the most likely thing) or B) there is something wrong. So he sent me to the lab to do more blood work and then I have to go back monday for more blood work and to see the doctor again. He said he can compare the two samples and hopefully get a better idea of how far along I am. If I am just not as far along then there is nothing wrong with the fact that they only saw the sac. If I am around 10 weeks then there is a problem. So basically he told me to go home and rest and no heavy lifting etc etc...And he said worse case I could miscarry. Again I just think the dates are off and I am actually only about 5 weeks. If the dumb doctor would have just used the internal ultrasound he could have solved the problem right then and there instead of sending me home for the weekend to stress and worry. So until monday here I sit and still don't know how far along I am or if my baby is healthy. I cannot wait to get to Colorado Springs and seek an off base facility. I hate hate HATE military doctors! I refuse to labor at another military facility.

Speaking of Colorado Springs, we should know by today if our report date is changed. If so then we will have to report Sep 10th. Which means we will leave here end of August. We haven't fully decided if we are going to do the packing and moving ourselves or if we are going to have the army do it. Scott is very determined to do it ourselves and make some money. But the thing with this is we all know who does the actual work and its sure not him. Just talked to Scott as I am typing this and he's informed me we did get it moved to October but still trying for September. Wont know till monday now. I would love to just get there as soon as possible so I can have all my prenatal care taken care of by the same people. Not to mention get our place, get settled long before I get big. And before it gets all snowy to move.

Well thats about it for now. We are getting packed and ready for our trip to Portland on Wednesday for Jimmy and Taras wedding. I still have to find a dress and Scott needs clothes too. I can't decide if I should buy a maternity dress or not...ugh. Anyways...all for now! Sorry so long...and no pictures. Ill have to get the camera out more.


AJ, Jessica, & Kylee said...

Sorry for all the crap you are doing through with the on base doctors. I am so glad I have never had to deal with that. With our tricare we can see any doctor that is conracted with tricare, which I am most grateful for!
I'm sad that you guys are not going to be in Texas very long. I am going out there with the kiddos to see aj when he is out there for school. I wish we could have gotten together. Too bad! Well I hope everything goes good at the docs on Monday! Keep us updated!

Mysticnocturne said...

Ugh! Sorry you had all that crap to deal with! I'm glad I have had those two ultrasounds because you are right, they are very reassuring and you def deserve one!! I hope you get to Colorado asap, but let me know as soon as you know so I have an addie to send Ada's birthday gift to. Hope Portland was wonderful! POst some pics =) xoxoxo