Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our Trip To Oregon

Well last week we flew out to Oregon for James and Taras wedding and to spend some time with family. It was a great time. We got to spend a lot of time with both families which was nice. The wedding was very nice. Ada was an adorable flower girl along with her cousin Bryce who was a very handsome little ring bearer. Unfortuantly Ada's dress was a little long and she eneded up triping on it. But it was still so cute. That was on Friday. Thursday we spent the day getting ready for the wedding and then having the rehersal dinner. Which was some really good food if only I wasn't so sick that I couldn't enjoy any of it. Saturday we spent the day with my Dad and my brother. We went to the river over by my brothers house and played. Ada had a great time but the water was a little chilly. There was a really nice waterfall right there and Scott did some scuba diving with my dad and also went cliff jumping. I was pretty jealous of that because I really wanted to go cliff jumping but my hubby wouldn't let me :( After a day at the river we went back to my dads house and Ada got to go on a boat ride! It was alot of fun to cruise up and down the river. She really enjoyed it. She loves all the ducks at my dads house and wanted to go out on the deck any chance she could get to feed them. My dad got her an adorable little outfit that was to big for her but we put it on anyways and took some pictures. Sunday we went to a county fair out in St Helens with my dad. We got to walk around for a bit and see the animals and we put Ada on one of those bounce things and she LOVED it! It was fun to see her bounce and go Weee! After that we headed out to my brothers place for a nice lunch. Jen made us a indian dish that was very good. We also threw down on some WII which my brother kicked my butt at. I never play mine here so I kinda sucked. After that we headed out to Scotts parents house for dinner. His mom made lasgana which was delicious. Of course whenever you stay with family I swear all you do is eat eat eat! But hey I'm prego so it works for me haha. Monday we decided to head to the zoo with Will Diana and Colton since all the parents were working. We had a great time. Ada loved to see all the animals and tell us what they were. Her and Colton shared a stroller and it was cute to see them sitting together. We also got the chance to feed the parrots at the zoo. They have little nector cups. I got one to sit on my hand for awhile and it was pretty sweet. Poor Ada was feeding one with Daddy and the bird licked her and it scared her so she threw the nector in her face...see picture. It was so sad. After the zoo we just headed back to his parents house to relax. That night we went out to dinner with his parents just us and them since everyone else had headed home at this point. We also got Cold Stone ice cream which I was pretty happy about. Tuesday we went with my dad up to see my Grandpa and Grandma. It was a nice quick trip. We spent some time catching up and walking around their gardens. Also Ada's great Grandpa gave her some costume jewlery that belonged to her great great Grandma which she loves and plays with all the time now. After visiting them on our way back my dad decided we needed to take Ada to the Enchanted Forrest. That place has improved a lot since I was a kid. Ada had alot of fun and even got to go on a few rides. Then we headed back to Scotts parents house and relaxed and my friend Kelli came over for a quick visit. It was really nice to see her.Well that pretty much sums up our trip. We came home and they gave Scott a three day weekend so we are just enjoying that.

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