Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Im Sorry!

Well its been a while since I last blogged but my MIL informed me that's its been forever and that I needed to get on top of this. So here I am. Well the last little bit has just been busy. Watching two girls all day and trying to keep them entertained keeps me pretty busy. Then you top on housework and being a wife and well I am just tired by the end of each day. We have been doing lots of fun stuff though. The girls love to go to Wazoos and its fun to take them there. They both run around like crazy and get exhausted by the time we go home. We have also been swimming at the local pool which is really nice. They have a good wading pool area for the little kids. Ada loves the water!! She puts her face in it and swims and run and just loves everything about it. This last weekend Scott and I got to have a pretty adult weekend. We had a sitter on friday night and went out with his Subie group. I met a new wife and that was fun. We are actually going to be hanging out sometime soon without the boys. Then Saturday we went to Isis birthday party. I made her a pretty cool cake if you ask me. She had a good birthday. Then we dropped Ada back off at the sitter to stay the night and Scott and I enjoyed a night off and then we headed to Six Flags the next day!~ I surprised him with tickets that I found at a discount online. We had a really good time just me and him. We really needed a day away. We rode all the rollercoasters and the lines were even really short which was awesome. Well after six flags we came home, showered and then saw a movie before we picked up Ada. I really missed her and I was anxious to go get her.

Lets see other big news is that we finally got our plane tickets to go to Jimmys wedding. We will be in Portland from the 15th-22nd. I am pretty excited to go. I can't wait to see all my family and friends. Oh and I cut my hair. Its shorter now and I really like it. Much less upkeep and much much cooler! Well thats all really. My mom is coming into town tonight to stop for a quick visit and I am sure I will have a few pics from that soon. Hope everyone is doing great and having a great summer!The catipillar cake I made!

Daddy and Bug story time

Such a smiley girl!!! She makes me so happy!!!

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DianaCotner said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks in that last picture. Time is flying by!