Thursday, October 8, 2009

Picture Update

Ok so I have totally slacked due to all the moving so this is gonna be a picture filled blog.

First off here is the pictures from Adas birthday party. This was the actual party with cake and all that. It was a joint party with her friend Charles and we had a great time. All the kids had fun swimming and playing and my friend Liz made some great cakes!

The cakes my friend made for the kids! Aren't they awesome!

The birthday sign I made

Ada and Alleigh swimming

The birthday kids about to blow out their candles

Yummy cake!

Opening presents

Dora birthday crown she got

Riding her new birthday bike

The next few pictures are from our road trip to Colorado and stuff here. There aren't to many but a few

She kept getting her arms out of her straps that day and I wanted to kill her!
Driving the car! lol
At our farwell dinner before we left Texas with a bunch of friendsOur new Colorado Home!

Adas new room
Living room

Family room

Took her to a local park to feed the ducks!

Well thats about it. I didnt post pics of the nursery or the guest bedroom cause neither of them are even close to being done! LoL. But thats pretty much all for now!

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