Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're Here!

Well we have finally arrived in Colorado and let me tell you I LOVE IT!!! It is so much prettier here than it was in Texas. I love seeing the mountains again and feeling like I am in a place that fits me much better. I am just not cut out for heat all year round. The weather here is so nice. Cold crisp clear Autumn days. It just smells like fall outside! Well since being here we have got quite a bit done. We found a house. We are living in Fountain. The house is a split level four bedroom two bathroom home, with a full family room in the lower level which I am so so so happy about. We put all of Adas toys down here and its a nice big area for her to play and run. This way I can have my nice living room upstairs. The house has all brand new carpets and paint and newer stainless steel appliances in the kitchen. Got a nice big back yard all fenced in and nice and flat! I can't wait for the snow to play in it! We are almost all unpacked. We moved in Friday night. And of course me being me I got right to work and have it almost finished. Scott has been a good spot and helping me hang shelves and do all the man duties. He calls me a slave driver but hey at least he know has a nice comfortable home to relax in.

He will be checking in with his unit on Saturday but they will most likely send him home and tell him to come back monday. Then he will have a few days of in processing and then to his unit to figure out exactly what they are going to do with him. He thinks he may just be getting reassinged to a new unit that is not deployed at the moment, but we really don't know much yet.

Baby news, I had my first OB appt here. It was just a paper work appt. I will be seeing just doctors here and not mid wives. Thats gonna be a nice change and the facility here seems a lot nicer than at Ft. Hood. They just re did all the labor and delivery and its very nice. Big rooms! I have my ultra sound on the 13th and hopefully if the baby is cooperating we will find out what the little bugger is! I can't wait to know! I want to shop! Haha. I did just get all the nursery furniture we just have to go pick it up. I can't wait to start putting together a nursery! Probably my favorite part about being prego!

Well other than that things are good. Ada is adjusting well. She loves having stairs to climb here. She loves our house and each time we leave and come back she yells "HOME!" and gets so excited. So that must mean she likes it lol. Im feeling more pregnant with each passing day and this move was a lot of work! But I am feeling good and no problems. Hope everyone is doing good and hopefully family will come to visit us soon! We have a guest bedroom with an attached bathroom so all of you are welcome!!! I will post some pics of the house as soon as its all put together.

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DianaCotner said...

How exciting you are finally there! Can't wait to see pictures.